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The Northwest Colorado Region is rich with assets.  Here is a summary of what our region has to offer those who live, work, and visit here.

Natural Beauty / Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

The natural environment - majestic mountains, beautiful rivers and lakes, abundant sunshine, clean air, scenic vistas, abundant open spaces, and public lands - is one of the biggest economic draws for Region 12 and has made it a highly desirable tourism destination that attracts people from across the country and around the world. Region 12 depends on the natural beauty and healthy functioning of the environment to attract tourism to the area. The protection of the region’s natural resources also ensures that those investing here part time, living here full time, or visiting here short term have a certain quality of life that is not offered elsewhere.

Natural Beauty / Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

  • Rocky Mountains
  • Public Lands: USFS, BLM, Wilderness Areas
  • 14 World Class Ski Areas
  • 14,000 Foot Peaks to climb
  • Lakes and Rivers
  • Clean air and Water
  • Endless Outdoor Recreation Opportunities:
    • Biking
    • Hiking
    • Skiing
    • Fishing
    • Hunting
    • Kayaking
    • Rafting
    • Stand up paddleboarding

Human Capital

Highly Educated Population: The region has a very highly-educated population. Four out of five of our counties rank higher than Colorado and the U.S. in terms of the percentage of the population aged 25+ who have a bachelor's degree or more.  In fact, those four counties rank within the top 200 counties in the nation (out of 3,142 counties across the country) in terms of educational attainment.

Educational Attainment: NWCCOG's region

  % Pop. 25+
with a BA degree or More
Rank in the U.S.
(out of 3,142 counties)
Eagle County 47.3% 53
Grand County 36.3% 196
Jackson County 17.5% 1,641
Pitkin County 56.4% 11
Summit County 48.1% 48
Colorado 30.6%  
U.S. 29.3%  

Attractive to those in 25-44 yr age group: It is this age range that individuals are often considered their most productive, innovative years.  The region is very good at attracting this age group. (stats)

Baby Boomers contribute to the Economy: the region is also very attractive to Baby Boomers in retirement (age - give age group). Retirees in our region give back a great deal to our communities in the way of serving on boards of directors, volunteering, and donating funds to non-profits in the region.

Healthy Community = Healthy Workforce: Our Region is Healthy! Summit, Eagle and Pitkin Counties take first, second, and third in highest life expectancies in the nation - read story here.  Also, three of our counties rank in top 10 in Report on Health Statistics - more information here.

Educational Assets

  • Colorado Mountain College
  • STEM Programs
  • CU Extention Program
  • Vail Centre University Programs
  • Tech Education - Coding Schools
  • EVO 3
  • Elevate

Community Assets / Infrastructure

Healthcare - Region 12 has a well-developed healthcare system, which will serve to position the region in a good economic position particularly due to the aging of the population. The region has three Level III trauma centers, and a plethora of advanced healthcare services including the Shaw Regional Cancer Center in Eagle County, state of the art orthopedics and sports medicine, birthing centers, cardiopulmonary services, surgical intensive care, cardiovascular services, digital mammography, MRI and other diagnostic testing capabilities, and 24-hour emergency care. The access to these healthcare services are extremely important to the economy of the region in that it alleviates the need to travel to other regions to obtain these services. Further, it creates jobs in the healthcare field, a sector on the rise most likely due to the aging of the population. For these reasons, the region is more attractive to retirees. Also, good access to healthcare is essential to keeping the region’s workforce healthy, and one of the one of the keys to economic development is having a good, healthy workforce. A healthy workforce is a productive one.

  • Hospitals
    • Vail Valley Medical Center
    • St. Anthony's Summit Medical Center
    • Aspen Valley Hospital
    • Middle Park Medical Center

  • Vail Valley Medical Center
Air Service Airports
Recreation Facilitiies Recreation Centers
Ice Rinks

Regional Airports
  • Eagle County Regional Airport
  • Aspen Pitkin County Airport
  • Kremmling Airport

Cultural Assets

Entrepreneurial Assets

The NWCCOG region is budding with entreprenuial spirit.  Our region is attractive to entrepreneurs in all demographic groups: from young, energetic millenials to baby-boomers seeking to start encore careers and start new busineses.

Here are some of the assets available in our region to entrepreneurs:

Co-Working Spaces

The Northwest Loan Fund

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