Community Infrastructure / Broadband / Broadband Deployment Challenges

Senate Bill 152

Colorado Senate Bill 152 (SB-152) is a measure passed by the Colorado Legislature in 2005. The current law limits the ability of Colorado cities to provide a broad spectrum of services, including:

  • free Internet service in city libraries, parks and community centers;
  • partnering with private businesses and leveraging government infrastructure to provide affordable and high-speed Internet service throughout the entire community; and
  • direct provision of broadband services by municipal governments.

Among other requirements, it requires local governments to secure voter approval before entering into the broadband business or entering into Public Private Partnerships to support broadband deployment.
Many county and local governments thoroughout NW Colorado have freed themselves from these restrictions, but there are more that still have the opportunity to do so.
An interactive map of jurisdictions that have voted to exempt themselves from Senate Bill 152 is on the right hand column.



Fiber optic cables, network equipment, conduit for fiber and copper, wireless tower sites, wireless equipment, and connectivity to internet access nodes in Denver, Salt Lake City and Albuquerque are not insignificant financial investments. Many local governments have turned to both the federal and state governments to help fund infrastructure improvement and building new infrastructure assisting service providers to reach a majority of businesses and residences throughout NW Colorado with affordable, reliable broadband internet access.
Grants and low cost loans are available for regional projects, schools and healthcare organizations, rural power cooperatives and telephone companies.

The following is not an exhaustive list of funding sources.

State of Colorado Department of Local Affairs

State of Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Broadband Deployment Board Fund

FCC Connect America Fund

FCC Rural Healthcare Program

FCC Healthcare Connect Fund

USDA Rural Utilities Service

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